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A Message from Aisha’s Salon & Spa

Ever since we started our business in 1994, our goal was always to create a safe space for women to provide and receive beauty services.


For almost 3 decades, our female staff have been able to provide our female clients with exceptional service in a semi-private environment that has allowed us to expand to 25 locations all over Houston.

During this time, we have always maintained a policy that only women are allowed in the service area.


Men have been allowed to be in the waiting area. We have had countless unfortunate incidents with men becoming extremely aggressive or inappropriate with our staff when we share our policy in person or on the phone.


This includes yelling, cursing, recording aggressively, making threats and destroying property.

In November, we had a horrific incident where a man was sexually touching himself in the waiting area, taking advantage of our policy that men can be inside.


In order to protect our staff and clients, we are choosing to expand our female-centered policy and not allow men to enter our salon locations.


We can understand how this policy may seem harsh initially. However, we cannot wait for something worse to happen inside our salons. We need to protect our women staff and clients

We humbly ask everyone to really understand why we are enacting this new policy of only allowing women inside our salons.


We hope to have patience and grace from our existing clients, new clients and anyone interested in visiting Aisha’s®.


Our website has a simple way to book appointments or purchase gift cards for any men looking for service for their female companions.


We thank all of our clients and Houston for embracing our business.

- Aisha's Salon & Spa

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