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Why Choose Us for Your Laser Hair Removal Needs?


Ashé Laser Med Spa is a registered laser facility in the State of Texas. Our technicians are state registered and certified Professional Laser Hair Removal Technicians. We have all had treatment too, so we know first hand what you are experiencing. 

We also believe our prices are one of the lowest and affordable in Houston. Typically to achieve satisfaction with laser hair removal, you will need 6-8 treatments for skin type I-IV, and 8-12 treatments for some skin type IV to VI. We also know everyone does not grow hair the same way since an individual's ethnicity, metabolism, age, weight, medications, and hormones directly affect hair growth and thus can affect the laser hair removal process. 


Most people come to the conclusion that long-lasting, affordable laser hair removal is a good investment. Our clients site the savings of both time and money previously spent on temporary hair removal solutions. We are proud that Ashé Laser Med Spa served as a wonderful rejuvenation of self-esteem for so many of our happy clients. 

** Please note: Clients must call if they are unable to make their appointment, if there is a no-show a $20 fee will be added to your account prior to receiving future services**

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5704 Hillcroft ST.
Houston, TX 77036


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